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  1. Use obscure lyrics as Instagram captions
    go ahead, post those Sondheim lyrics.
  2. Overdo it on the accent when pronouncing phrases or words in other languages
    He was a 🎶reNAISSance man.
  3. Send 20 texts in a row
    I know, I'm with you, it IS usually one cohesive thought just broken up by hitting send.
I'm writing again. These fragments were written on a road trip in the backseat of my parent's Tahoe. I was inspired by @SpaceCase's list to post.
  1. I wish sometimes that your narrow world would be upended, the drawers dumped out. That all the small meanness, the petty jokes, the certainties you hold so tightly would be scattered on the ground and seen for what they are – scraps of paper: sordid; worn and ugly.
  2. I want to be proud of you, completely proud, without any reservations, but it wouldn’t be true. Even as I burnish you over with a layer of gilt I can see the places where it didn’t take, where the darkness lives still.
  3. Without that wound, who would I be? If I couldn’t tear it open again, what else could I draw from, tapping the spile in to draw blood, sap running up through me and flowing red, hot and dark and bitter.
  4. Do you ever wonder why ships are female? I don't, because I know to be a woman is to be hollow, ready for baggage to be loaded, your outsides pitched and tarred to keep out water, that roiling dark you’ll be surrounded by the rest of your life
  1. This isn't a very cool story. Nantea was my livejournal username, which I made in 2006? 2007? I wanted a pseudonym that didn't mean anything to anyone who wasn't me.
  2. In high school I had one friend who shortened my name to Nan as a nickname, so I took that and wrote a list of things I liked (like tea 🤦🏻‍♀️)
  3. Then I went down the list and appended Nan to the front until I found a combination I liked. Nantea won.
  4. I used to have my full name here as my username, but then someone I know offline found me and I got spooked and changed it back to my old faithful.
Inspired by @lame
  1. 1.
    The Bird and the Rifle, Lori McKenna
    "He's afraid if she flies, she'll never come home again" I left for the summer and I didn't come back.
  2. 2.
    Once I Was,Tim Buckley
    "I find myself searching through the ashes of our ruins for the days when we smiled" I love his tremulous voice. I've never cried to a song like I've cried over this one.
  3. 3.
    Lonely, Mean Lady
    "What if it takes too long and I'm lonely? How can it make me so strong? What if it takes too long?" (Me every damn day of my life thinking about my future)
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  1. Blame us for these who were cradled and rocked in our chaos;
  2. Watching our sidelong watching, fearing our fear;
  3. Playing their blind-man's-bluff in our gutted mansions,
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  1. My power company didn't transfer power to my new apartment due to a mix-up over the previous tenant's billing dates and mine— I rented this apartment for a month while I was still in my other apartment.
  2. I came back from vacation to no power, a refrigerator of rotten food, and a 90 degree apartment.
  3. Also I mixed up the date to turn my keys back in on my last apartment - I thought it was July 15th, and it was July 7th, so the apartment complex changed the locks and threw the things I still had there away, including my very expensive sewing machine.
    Yes, I'm an idiot and I didn't verify my move out date, bc both of my leases overlapped by a month.
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You know those compliment chains you used to do in elementary school, where you'd say one nice thing about the person sitting next to you? Let's recreate that in list form! Add a suggestion complimenting or affirming someone, and if you get tagged, pass the compliments on to a new lister.
  1. 📝have at it!
  2. Jennifer Carroll (@elmospimpingme) is a lovely and kind friend, caring and giving person, and strong and loving woman. ❤️
    Suggested by   @Heartsounds
  3. @Boogie never fails to pick up someone when they're down, her advice is always on point💯 and so are her list ideas!! She's hilarious 👌🏼, kindhearted💙 and beautiful! Not to mention Twiggy is one of my favorite dogs of li.st🐶✨
    Oh and she rocks the title "Auntie"🙌🏼☺️
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel
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Edgar Wright wrote a love letter to Atlanta ❤️🍑
  1. Baby Driver
  2. Debora's apartment is at 921 Myrtle Street
    I lived in an apartment at the other end of Myrtle for 3 years! I recognized it immediately. Someone did their research because that apartment building is rent controlled and income capped, perfect for a young waitress on her own.
  3. Goodfella's Pizza & Wings
    At North Avenue and Spring Street across from the Varsity. This is blocks from Tech and is always busy.
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I'm working on an essay I first mentioned here: https://li.st/nantea/doing-it-writing-submitting-stuff-maybe-2v1nt02lsUpWnr436z31he. It's still rough, but I wanted to share it in its current form. TW for a suicide mention.
  1. It’s often true that southern men have a complicated and shadowed history, a difficult past. There’s tar in the ground here, it seeps down into the earth, and southern men are nothing if not Adam formed from hard red southern clay.
  2. My father has his father’s name: John Collins. Despite the namesake, they are not doubles. Collins is the firstborn son of John, the last born son.
  3. My father grew up in opposition to the careful, quiet, unsure spirit of his father. I've often wondered if it is not in spite of his father, but because, that he is the way he is. Proud. Fixed. Planted and stubborn with the complete certainty of a prophet.
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My ex-boyfriend got engaged today. You might remember him from this list: https://li.st/nantea/first-love-like-a-flare-5zYrCSVKXR691sUhr6qvWZ.
  1. I feel a little weird and I feel weird about feeling weird.
    What a fun feedback loop.
  2. Mostly I feel weird that he beat me to getting engaged, not that he's engaged to someone who isn't me.
    My lizard brain thinks this is a contest and also hates losing.
  3. It's like, permanent closure.
    My lizard brain is going to have to shut the hell up with the 3 am "what if we someday worked it out" thoughts which are both unwelcome and unwarranted.
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