4 Ships I Have Sailed

  1. Jack/Rose
    Did I write fanfiction in Microsoft Word that ends with Rose finding a heart shaped seashell? I did. It's terrible. Did I have an account on the Titanic fan forum Ocean of Secrets? I did. The screen name is my most closely guarded secret. You better believe I splashed out for the Special Edition DVD set with the deleted scenes including a boiler room make out session. Anyways, Kate and Leo have incredible chemistry and I love it.
  2. Jim/Pam
    I let out a howl when they kissed on Casino Night and I kept screaming for all of season 3. Honestly, watching their relationship unfold and following all the will they/won't they agony in real time showed me the joy of storytelling. I cared SO much that they get together, I remember being sick at heart on June 8th, 2006 because that was Pam's wedding date with Roy and I didn't know if she'd called the wedding off yet. Jim and Pam were real to me, and I love them so very much.
  3. Mary/Matthew
    These characters are classic tropes: snooty emotionally unavailable rich girl and the measured everyman who slowly wins her over. When Matthew strides in during the middle of the war benefit and interrupts Mary's song about being the only girl in the world, and she thought he was missing in action and has been putting on a brave face, but by some miracle he's there and alive and singing with her, just fuck me up emotionally already. 😭p.s. I'll never forgive Dan Stevens. He knows what he did.
  4. Jaime/Brienne
    I swore I was never going to watch another episode of GOT again but if Jaime and Brienne get a spinoff where they wagontrip through Westeros sniping at each other and finally address their blatant Unresolved Sexual Tension by having hatesex turned begrudging respect of each other's knowledge, skills and abilities sex, and also if Brienne picks Jaime up at some point during, I'd be prepared to throw an Emmy at it. (Not that I've thought extensively about this).