6 Pop Culture Recs for Me

I had brunch with two of my good friends from college this morning - a wonderful treat because Priya's in Chicago and Krissy's in Westport. Krissy and Priya have incredible taste and whenever I see them, we're always yelling our heads off about tv/movies/podcasts/Aaron Sorkin. Here's what they told me to watch/listen to this time.
  1. High Maintenance web series
  2. Extra Hot Great podcast
  3. Other People
    Priya described this as "fucking devastating"
  4. Clouds of Sils Maria
  5. The Good Place
    Priya again: "I am dangerously attracted to a 68 year old man".
  6. Party Down
    Krissy and Priya both screamed at me for not watching this yet.
  7. 📝
  8. ..............