8track Mixes 💽

Making mix tapes is a very soothing pastime. Here's my mixtape/fanmix work:
  1. Brutal Romance
  2. Love Ridden
    My melancholy Valentine's Day playlist http://8tracks.com/arsims/love-ridden
  3. All Goes Dark: a Code Name Verity playlist
    Two girls brave a friendship while spying for king and country in WWII. http://8tracks.com/arsims/all-goes-dark-a-code-name-verity-playlist
  4. In An Interstellar Burst: My Mad Fat Diary Playlist
  5. Live By the Sword
    My Justified magnum opus- an ode to the snarled sort of justice Raylan Givens lives by. http://8tracks.com/arsims/live-by-the-sword-1
  6. A Lion's Heart: Matthew Crawley playlist
    http://8tracks.com/arsims/a-lion-s-heart (lol this is been incubating on my hard drive since 2010/season 2 of downton, and it's painfully earnest, if you couldn't tell from my cover art creation)