A List of Blank or Half-used Notebooks I Own

It's literally a sickness?
  1. Canson Sketchbook with magnetic clasp
    Unused. I keep buying sketchbooks thinking they'll unlock my hidden artist.
  2. Nanami Paper Seven Seas Standard
    The pink slip is blotting paper because this is a very fancy notebook and I love it too much to ever use it.
  3. Moleskine Gridline Cahier
    I bought a pack of 3. This one I used as a daily notebook until I had to walk home in a torrential downpour and the rain ruined it.
  4. Apica Lined Notebook A5
    I've been "doing the Artist's Way" since 2013. I got serious in June for several weeks and then let it lapse again. Let me know if you have any advice on pushing through!
  5. Moleskine Weekly Notebook 2015-2016, softback.
    I never use this since I've started keeping a bullet journal for organization instead.
  6. Strathmore unlined sketchbook
    The journal of my 22nd year. Almost finished. The last 30 pages are blank.
  7. My favorite page from that journal:
    this weird sketch of Babe Paley.
  8. Red Picadilly lined notebook
    This is my commonplace notebook- my favorite kind to keep. I use it to record any quotes, writing, advice or wisdom I want to hold on to.
  9. My favorite page from this notebook:
    Notes from a book called "Live Alone and Like It" by Marjorie Hillis. I remember I most wanted her instructions on building a home bar, but now I love her advice on conversations