1. Dignam vs. the surveillance guy
    Dignam: "Who put the fucking cameras in this place?" Surveillance guy: "Oh, who the fuck are you?" Dignam: "I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy."
  2. Billy vs. the coked up Costello crony
    C: "Oh my God is that French out there?" B: what the FUCK did you just say about the FBI, huh? Huh?" C: "Forget what I said, I'm fucking high!" B: "whatever may be going on in that very fucking poor, very limited brain of yours, I am not gonna hurt you. Alright? Just tell me what you just fuckin' said." C: "Forget it, I'm high! I'm fucking high! I must be high! I would never say what you thought I said [gunshot to kneecap💥] Ooaaaaw fuck!!" B: "Now! What the FUCK did you just fucking SAY?"
  3. Billy vs Mr. French
    Boss wants your real name. Your social and license number, your bank account numbers. I don't have a bank account. What's he doing setting up IRAs? Just fill the fucking paper in. Your real name and all your account numbers. Then we wait here. Y'shitting me. No I ain't.