Things are grim and a bit hopeless right now- the news makes me feel like I'm reading The Onion while eating breakfast in the twilight zone. BUT. The following gives me some hope. It all matters, we all matter. ❤️
  1. "It all matters.
  2. That someone turns out the lamp
  3. Picks up the wind blown wrapper
  4. Says hello to the invalid
  5. Pays at the unattended lot
  6. Listens to the repeated tale
  7. Folds the abandoned laundry
  8. Plays the game fairly
  9. Tells the story honestly
  10. Acknowledges help
  11. Gives credit
  12. Says goodnight
  13. Resists temptation
  14. Wipes the counter
  15. Waits at the yellow
  16. Makes the bed
  17. Tips the maid
  18. Remembers the illness
  19. Congratulates the victor
  20. Accepts the consequences
  21. Takes a stand
  22. Steps up
  23. Offers a hand
  24. Goes first
  25. Goes last
  26. Chooses the small portion
  27. Teaches the child
  28. Tends to the dying
  29. Comforts the grieving
  30. Removes the splinter
  31. Wipes the tear
  32. Directs the lost
  33. Touches the lonely,
  34. is the whole thing.
  35. What is most beautiful is least acknowledged. What is worth dying for is barely noticed."
    -Laura McBride, We Are Called to Rise