I just made this connection and I'm *Niall voice* buzzin. Sorry for this niche list.
  1. Ok so first, we have Ali Smith, a member of the Royal Society of Literature, taking lines from iconic poems and arranging them like so many fridge magnets in her 2013 book Artful:
  2. I placed a jar in Tennessee
    Wallace Stevens
  3. Because I could not stop for death
    Emily Dickinson
  4. To see a world in a grain of sand
    William Blake
  5. Where Alph, the Sacred river, ran
    Samuel Coleridge
  6. Nobody heard him, the dead man
    Stevie Smith
  7. Alone and palely loitering
    John Keats
  8. Rage rage against the dying of [the light]
    Dylan Thomas
  9. The golden apples of the sun
    William Butler Yeats
  10. You stand at the blackboard, Daddy
    Sylvia Plath
  11. Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves
    W.H. Auden
  12. And for that moment a blackbird sang
    Edward Thomas
  13. What will survive of us is love
    Philip Larkin
  14. /
  15. And then we have One Direction, beloved 🇬🇧 boyband, with their 2013 hit Better Than Words, stealing titles from iconic songs to make this frankensong, which is, if you were wondering, a banger.
  16. Static
  17. Better Than Words
    One Direction (meta)
  18. More Than a Feeling
  19. Crazy in Love
  20. Dancing on the Ceiling
    Lionel Richie
  21. Every Time We Touch
  22. I'm All Shook Up
    Elvis Presley
  23. You Make Me Wanna
  24. How Deep is Your Love?
    Bee Gees
  25. God Only Knows
    The Beach Boys
  26. Baby
    Justin Bieber
  27. Did Ali Smith inspire 1D or did 1D inspire Ali Smith???
    Do Harry and Ali have a quarterly creatives meeting?
  28. In conclusion, I see no difference. Please award Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis their CBEs. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.
  29. Tagging my 1D buds