Edgar Wright wrote a love letter to Atlanta ❤️🍑
  1. Baby Driver
  2. Debora's apartment is at 921 Myrtle Street
    I lived in an apartment at the other end of Myrtle for 3 years! I recognized it immediately. Someone did their research because that apartment building is rent controlled and income capped, perfect for a young waitress on her own.
  3. Goodfella's Pizza & Wings
    At North Avenue and Spring Street across from the Varsity. This is blocks from Tech and is always busy.
  4. Octane Coffee
    There's not a downtown location (Octane's in Grant Park, Westside and Atlanta Tech Village) so I'm wondering if they made the Grant Park location look like it was close to Georgia State's campus? Either way, Octane is an Atlanta mainstay- I spent many nights studying there.
  5. Criminal Records
    Little Five Points. The best record shop in the city.
  6. Bacchanalia
    Used to be on Howell Mill and literally just moved to Ellsworth Industrial. When Baby Driver was filmed it was still in the White Provisions district. Baby and Buddy are right- this is the fanciest restaurant in the city.
  7. Peachtree Center
    A food court/mini mart/office complex and Marta station home to the longest escalator in the city.
  8. Bo's Diner doesn't exist - I couldn't tell if they repurposed Silver Skillet or Buckhead Diner for that location.
    Turns out they redid an old Denny's out by the airport!
  9. 97.1 The River (the radio station Baby tunes to before he starts driving) is the local classic hits radio station.
  10. JCT Kitchen
    The interiors of the restaurant scene are Bacchanalia, but when Doc and Baby talk outside, they're outside of JCT's valet area.
  11. Pullman Yards
    In Kirkwood in East Atlanta. This is where they picked up the guns from the APD