1. Lighting a candle
    This one's some no-named brand and the scent is "Freshly Shaven" which LOL but it actually does smell like a manly cologned neck.
  2. Showering.
    I'm a nighttime showerer. Also I usually take baths because they are a dream and I like to turn into a shriveled prune.
  3. Wearing this sleep shirt I've had since I was 15.
    Freshly washed bangs do not photograph well, FYI.
  4. (It's loudly polka-dotted and a mainstay of my pajama collection)
  5. Reading.
    On responsible nights, a book. On other nights, my Twitter feed.
  6. Triple-checking that my alarm's set.
    Anxious little bean things.
  7. Throwing my pillows on the floor like an animal
    These are for decorative use only.
  8. Putting my phone on my dresser across the room.
    Knowing that I'll get up in the morning, turn off the alarm and 😴 anyways.
  9. Sleeping! 😴💤😴