British Celebrities I'd Marry in a Heartbeat

Today is something something your crush day? Inspired by @EmmaA
  1. Matthew Goode
    Immediate. Marriage.
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch
    In charge of reading me bedtime stories in that low silky voice of his.
  3. Andrew Garfield
    Our wedding programs have a Rilke poem printed on the back.
  4. Shaun Evans
    I wanna marry that earnest face. Don't try to stop me.
  5. Young Colin Firth
  6. Colin Firth
    Doesn't Colin Firth seem like an extremely competent man? Competency is 🚨🔥
  7. Young Michael Caine
    I am slain.
  8. 1990s Hugh Grant
    He's such a floppy-haired scumbag and I love him anyways.