Chattyfeet. Take a Seat and Stop Emailing Me.

And just send my sister her damn birthday present already.
  1. Thank you for contacting me Chattyfeet. Welcome to my inbox. Take a seat. No, please do stay.
    I really did have a chatty new year! I said AF a bunch! Oh thanks for the tea, that's really sweet. No milk, thanks. Mmmhm, I'm so excited for your shiny new product launch too! What an amazing opportunity for you to invest in your customers happiness and wellbeing!
  2. I'd like to talk about my sister. As I'm sure you know from your customer records, I need her to have:
  3. The present that is so perfect for her.
  4. That speaks to her every whim.
  5. That really reveals how well I know her.
  6. That demonstrates in a tangible way that I love her £7.99 worth.
    /Michael Scott
  7. The Kate Middle-Toe Socks
  8. That I ordered on December 10th. Well in advance of her birthday. Which was on January 6th.
    That's a full 27 days.
  9. What I don't need
  10. Is for you
  11. To keep
  12. Emailing
  13. Me
  14. Every
  15. Waking
  16. Second
  17. Unless
  18. You Have The Socks
  19. And Kate Middleton is frigging wearing them.
  20. 📩🔨📩🔨💉
  21. You can wash my mug out. I won't be staying. ☕️
  23. Anna.