I'm 25 so everything is on the cheap including decorating. I live alone (introvert) so this apartment is an eccentric bird nest. P.S. My apartment building was built in 1922. 😍 I sublet from the owners. They live in India and are definitely not charging me a fair price for this place. I feel bad about that sometimes but not enough to pay more.
  1. Is it tacky to talk money?
    I guess I don't care.
  2. Glass bottle with a candlestick.
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    I have candles everywhere. Candle stick holders are usually pretty cheap at thrift stores and I have plenty of those too, but a glass bottle with a candle just looks cool to me, ok? Bottle- $2 at Michael's,candle $1 at ikea.
  3. This bunch of dried eucalyptus.
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    Eucalyptus stems- $3 brown velvet ribbon - $1.
  4. This butterfly biology print.
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    $3 at Sam Flax, an art supply store.
  5. This album cover with a sketch of Tommy Dorsey, my 💝
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    $6 in the discount bin at Wax n Facts in L5P Atlanta
  6. This painting in my bathroom.
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    I painted this so it only cost me the acrylic paint. $20 for supplies.
  7. Books books books everywhere.
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    Not cheap when you look at them like this, but I buy most of these up at thrift stores, used bookstores, library sales and Amazon. Also books are my life, so it's worth it to me.
  8. More books.
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    That globe was 20 bucks and I couldn't leave it at the antique store. I love it so much.
  9. Even more books.
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    These were all gifts. My parents know I'll accept any book.
  10. This corkboard in my kitchen.
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    Free because I took it from my parents basement and painted it white, featuring a plate. Also my mom always decorated with plates and now I'm doing it because it's cheap, feels homey and we all become our mothers in the end.
  11. This lamp that's supposed to be lilies but gives off a VERY strong Georgia O'Keefe vibe.
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    My grandmother gave it to me so it was free. I can't tell her it looks kinda vagina-y. I told my mom that though. She rolled her eyes.
  12. This luggage rack turned side table.
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    Featuring Christmas presents I forgot to give to their recipients and this morning's lifeblood. I bought this luggage rack for $10 I think? And I found the wood tray at Goodwill for a few bucks.
  13. This shouldn't even be included. But I think it's hilarious that my apartment has a landline that isn't connected to anything. I think at one point this was how you buzzed people in??
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    Very good for singing "Hello" into.
  14. My hodge podge collection of mirrors in the entry.
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    All from antique stores or thrift stores. I don't think I paid over $30 for any of these and a few were super cheap.