🎄decking My Halls🎄

I love decorating my apartment for Christmas-- my parents house is always decorated beautifully, but it's so fun to get to decorate my own place to suit my tastes. This year I didn't get a tree, so I went with fresh garland instead and made my wreath!
  1. Presents are wrapped
    Some of these are for my secret Santa recipient!! 🎁❄️
  2. The wreath is on the apartment door
    I used a grapevine wreath and eucalyptus from trader joes. The cranberries are threaded onto yarn and wrapped around the wreath. I love how this turned out!
  3. The doors have been ornamented
  4. The garland is hung
  5. My handknit trees are out
  6. I made homemade potpourri- star anise, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices
  7. My grandmother's vintage ornaments are in a bowl
  8. I even made a garland swag for my chalkboard
  9. The amazing Christmas card I found at my neighborhood store for my secret Santa.
  10. This baby wreath is on my closet - I stole the evergreen from my neighbor's yard in the middle of the night 🙈
  11. Candles in my window for that fresh hygge feeling (plus bonus citrus in a bowl because oranges are very Little House on the Praire Christmas).
  12. That's it so far!