I went to dinner with one of my best college friends P. and she brought her work friend and now we are at her work friend's private bar in the BASEMENT of her parents house and like, what is this Great Gatsby shit
  1. Static
  2. Static
    So like P. 5 drinks later (I'm not drinking don't worry, I don't want to die tomorrow when I spent five hours at a volunteer event with my department Vice President) we've gotten to the "baring of the soul" portion of the evening
  3. And there are only so many ways I can say "pls don't text this inappropriate man at this specific moment in time" to my beautiful drunk friend P who's waiting for her uber.
  4. Me, trying to appeal to reason: do you think on some level that you're using him as a safe place to put all these feelings because you know he'll never reciprocate the way you want him to?
    (Also I'm maybe projecting my personal experience here a bit)
  5. P: yeah but where else would I put them?
  6. Me: ... fair.
  7. I just told Ronald her uber driver to not let her text him. Hope he listens.
    She's definitely texting him god
  9. Oh my god I have to be up in five hours I wanna die
  10. If I'd known the Purity Ring heavy playlist I made her was being used for guy mopes I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT
    Bc like. Purity Ring means I'm complicit in encouraging these feels.