Some light distraction in this time of unease
  1. Occasionally call you by your last name.
  2. Playfully flick the brim of your baseball cap (if wearing one obviously).
  3. Insist you wear their suit jacket if it's cold and you're in a dress at a formal event.
  4. Wink.
  5. Raise their eyebrows at you from across the room.
  6. Drive using only one hand.
    I am a parody of myself, it's fine. #HANDS
  7. Cover their face when they laugh too hard.
  8. Drive a stick shift.
    That's two specific driving things 🙈
  9. Rub the back of their neck while speaking
  10. Have an in joke with you that they continually reference.
    I have this one coworker (I have a lot of crushable coworkers, it's not fair) who's cute and goofy and every time we pass each other in the hall he goes "theeeeere she is". Every time! It's so dumb but it's charming. I've started saying "there YOU are" back.
  11. Roll their shirtsleeves up and/or loosen their tie.