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  1. @bware427 @katiesham are ANGELS AND WE ARE BEST FRIENDS
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    Here they are already analyzing texts like 👑
  2. And we WOULD BE HAVING A SLEEPOVER IF @katiesham didn't have sweet pippa at home
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    Who I call the PIPS now. This is pippa, I stole this glamour shot from @katiesham's Instagram it's all casual and fine!!
  3. @bware427 can't parallel park but I can!! And I'm horrible at naps but she's great at them!!! We will be driving everywhere!!!!
    I meant maps but I was keysmashing so hard!! @bware427 is also good AF at naps!!
  4. We know all the same people!
    Suggested by @bware427
  5. It's so weird but I went to college with @bware427's cheerleader BFF from high school and @katiesham knows my sister???!!!!! LIKE?!?
  6. So basically we are forming a tiny little ladies community and we will never stop screaming again!!!!
  7. @katiesham ALSO HAD CHILDHOOD ASTHMA? Stop?
  8. Our love of cursing, but never in front of our mothers.
    Suggested by @katiesham
  9. We all have brothers we love so much and love hating on too
  10. @katiesham and I never watched outlander bc we were too busy talking 😔
  11. @bware427 is so so so so sweet in person and we are planning our next meeting we are literally shutting this place down.
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    Photobombed by the bartender who took our picture later so I think she wants to befriend us all too 💁🏻(p.s. @katiesham thinks she is having her purse stolen here 😆).
  12. 😇😇😇😇😇😇
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    We just forced a bartender to take this.
  13. I went to Trader Joes and bought a bunch of wine and cheese and crackers because @katiesham and I were meeting at my apartment first.
    As soon as she told me she knew my sister, I was like HERE ARE MY HOUSE KEYS. (I wasn't mom!! We established no one was cat fishing first!!)
  14. So we ate goat cheese on my couch and talked a mile a minute and kept clutching each other's arms because @katiesham kept saying things
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    And I was like "stop. I do those things? I love those things?!? ME TOO?!?" (Like texting 12 texts at a time, hiking in N. Georgia, loving dogs and hating cats, watching the XFiles, matte lips, being obsessed with Bones in 2008, hating on Tinder, etc. etc.) (My Favorite Episodes of the X-files)
  15. And then we realized we were going to be late to see @mallofamanda and everyone else at the Atlanta meet up
  16. So we scrambled out of there and @katiesham navigated and I drove and we listened to Tori Amos and it was PERFECT.
  17. I forgot myself and when @bware427 got there I launched myself at her yelling my head off about the princess diaries and then apologized when I realized I was literally holding her hand
    And she was like "it's fine we're bffs now"
  18. When we got back home at 12:30 after screaming with @bware427 for 3 hours, I tried to send @katiesham home with a bottle of Advil and she made me keep her plate with cookies on it (happily I did this)
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    So we had a real tense MOM OFF
  19. And then @bware427 texted us to say she's gotten home and sent the crying emoji
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  20. And we all felt it.
  21. 😍😭😍😭