Hot! Fresh! Now!

  1. Harney and Sons Paris tea
    It's bergamot and blackberry black tea. I kept ordering pots of this at a French cafe near my house and finally decided to buy some for home.
  2. Es Devlin's episode of Abstract
    On Netflix. She is fascinating and so talented! Loved getting to see her talk more about her set design for Hamlet at the Barbican.
  3. Pod Save America
    Jon Lovett is my aggrieved and feisty son and he would absolutely hate me describing him that way.
  4. Mad About the Boy by Dinah Washington
  5. Making my therapist laugh three separate times today.
    We're talking about vulnerability and she said that people won't always fill in the lines for you, you have to be willing to live in the spaces. And then we both said "except E***" (a man responsible for a very unsettling experience I had) and then I was like "yes he was like a terrible Cubist line drawing I never want to see again" and she laughed for at least a minute. I know it's not ABOUT that, but it makes me feel like 🏆.
  6. You're Mine, Lola Marsh
    If I listen to this song enough times can I manifest this relationship into my life? What do you mean it doesn't work like that?
  7. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    I! LOVE! THIS! PILOT! Midge is hilarious.
  8. H20 Beauty Body Butter Stick in teak rose
    It smells really good and means I don't have to apply lotion which is one of my top five most hated beauty rituals. You literally just swipe this all over like a deodorant stick.
  9. This off the shoulder blouse from Old Navy in the shade "Hot Tamale" 😂
    It really is so cute
  10. Breaking: my dad saved my mom's bitmoji to use against her and I am ROLLING