1. Putting my phone on airplane mode ✈️
  2. Listening to Angel Haze 💥
  3. Eating cereal for lunch. Special K with Strawberries 🍓
  4. Wearing fancy tights with polka dots ⚫️
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    The run represents my emotions.
  5. Making an inappropriate joke about a hair shirt that was only understood by 1/5 coworkers. 👨🏻
    2/5 thought it was about Burt Reynolds. The self-labeled "lapsed Catholic" got it.
  6. Going to the ladies room many times for a 5 minute time out. ⏳
    Ours are like small rooms so once you're in, you're safe. Put the lid down and chill.
  7. Locking my phone in my desk drawer because I know me. 📱