(I know I'm on hiatus but this has been in my drafts since October so shhh) πŸ˜‰
  1. β€’
    You have dark hair.
    Michael Moscovitz did this to me. @bware427 @k8mcgarry
  2. β€’
    You have big hands
    I always tell my friends I want a guy who has hands big enough to gently cup a baby's head like a basketball. They think that's weird. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
  3. β€’
    You have a dry sense of humor and a quick wit.
  4. β€’
    You have an interesting way of talking.
    Do you talk slowly or use your hands a lot? Do you make jokes I haven't thought of yet?
  5. β€’
    You are responsible.
    My friends trust you. @emariejack gives her approval. @katiesham doesn't want to drag you. @bware427 thinks you're worth it. @iveyleague and @brightlyanna agree that you are crushable with a heart of gold. @lilakate never says "ehhhh" about you over brunch. @tali_cuenc loves you wholeheartedly. My sister trusts you. My parents trust you. My dad even says nice things about you. My brother admits you "are a cool guy".
  6. β€’
    You are usually quiet but not with me.
    With me you share all your pointed observations.
  7. β€’
    You know how to drive a stick shift.
    You can try to teach me but I will never learn. You will insist I know how because "what if I need to drive you to the hospital one day?" I would laugh at this at 18. I agree with you now!
  8. β€’
    You fuss over me sometimes.
    Am I putting gas in my car? Did I lock my apartment doors? (Usually no πŸ˜‘)
  9. β€’
    You are creative.
  10. β€’
    You love your mom.
    You can tell me when she drives you NUTZ but it better be with a fond smile.
  11. β€’
    You are tall and fold me into your chest when you hug me goodnight.
    I will gladly put up with neck cramps for you. πŸ˜‰
  12. β€’
    You want children. You want the family life. You want to be settled.
  13. β€’
    You surprise me constantly.
    You make a scavenger hunt for me, take my picture with you to New York and run around the city making your friends take Polaroids of you in front of landmarks you think I'd like. You take me to your favorite places in your state because you thought of me while there.
  14. β€’
    You're trustworthy.
    Anything we tell each other stays in the vault.
  15. β€’
    You are passionate.
    About art, music, movies, writing, coding, anything, me.
  16. β€’
    Maybe you break the rules sometimes.
    But you let me help you fix your mistakes.
  17. β€’
    You rarely speak badly about people.
    You can slip up sometimes! But I'm a person who runs her mouth off constantly, so I'll need your help to keep me reined in.
  18. β€’
    You respect me.
    You listen when I say yes. You listen when I say no.
  19. β€’
    You remember my favorites. And you are quietly sentimental.
  20. β€’
    You forgive. And then forget.
  21. β€’
    You love me back.
  22. β€’
    I will love you forever.