Dear List App, I'm crowd sourcing advice as per usual.
  1. Do any of you live with a cat in spite of allergies? 🐱😷
  2. Is it manageable? Are you okay? Do you want to pull your eyeballs out regularly?
    Will *I* be okay if I do this?
  3. Backstory: I'm probably going to have to move from my current apartment, which is causing me a lot of anguish because I love this place a stupid amount.
    But rent hikes and a booming real-estate market, eeesh.
  4. And one of my new living options is rooming with my friend LKC- we get along really well, would be super chill roommates, both like our own space but have the same interests, etc.
  5. But this potential partnership hinges on a cat. Specifically a 30 lb cat named Ralph.
    She adopted him a few years ago and obviously he is non-negotiable. I would never want to come between them!
  6. I'm spending the night at her apartment this week to see how I do — cat exposure therapy, if you will.
  7. But I'm curious- is this a nutty idea? Do any of you live with cats and allergies? Could I make it?
  8. I had a roommate move in who came with a cat whom I was less allergic to than most cats & I was pretty okay, so long as I took my Zyrtec & didn't touch my eyes/face after I touched her.
    That said, I absolutely loathed that cat & eventually the roommate, who never tried to mitigate the insane amount of cat hair that got in & all over everything, and rarely cleaned the litter box, so our basement reeked of ammonia. The cat also would get on the table & the kitchen counters, which super grossed me out. I just mention that stuff bc I didn't think about these aspects before they moved in. Your friend is hopefully a better cat owner/potential roommate!
    Suggested by @nelle
  9. It's a cat-specific thing unfortunately because I've lived with cats before and been fine, but the last time I lived with a cat I had respiratory problems the whole time. I wouldn't risk it.
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  10. I lived with a cat at my parents' house after college and I was miserable. Zyrtec helped but not entirely. For what it's worth, she was a white cat and they're supposedly the most highly allergenic (according to my allergist).
    Suggested by @DG
  11. My boyfriend has a cat allergy and my cat bothered him at first. She made his eyes itchy and his throat runny (especially if she licked him or scratched him). Weirdly a year or so later she doesn't bother hi at all??? He like...overcame the allergy??? This might be a strange case. Now they are best friends.
    Suggested by @dubstep