1. What's the single best Michael Jackson song?
    Dirty Diana
  2. What was your AIM screenname?
  3. Did you download zipped albums and fan mixes from Livejournal in 2005 and lie to your dad when he asked you why there were 9 versions of a Jack's Mannequin album saved to the family computer hard drive?
  4. Where did you go in 2008 when you told your parents you were at the late movies with Lindsey?
    The clearing by the lake with my high school boyfriend.
  5. What book made you cry ashamedly on an airplane and then blame your tears on a cold to your seat mate?
    The Fault in Our Stars 🙄😑😫
  6. What age did you get your first pair of glasses?
    16 months.
  7. Who did you have a crush on in fourth grade? And did you fish his homework out of the trash and keep it in your desk to study his handwriting?
    Gabe Lytle. And obviously.
  8. What did you say after your first kiss?
    A very romantic "I think I messed that up".
  9. What movie were you watching at your neighbor's house when your mom called and made you come home because it wasn't rated G?
    The seminal Tim Allen classic Jungle2Jungle.
  10. Your first celebrity crush?
    Dennis Quaid. 🙈I told my friend's mom I wanted to be president of his fan club.