Jane Austen Quotes That Tell You What Is Up

Let Jane serve you some REALNESS from 1810. Still as fresh and needed today. This goes out to my sister in Austen love, @jessnobs. 💐🌸
  1. Before we start though, I'd like to give you this inciseful commentary from Rebecca Solnit, a woman I admire very much.
    True as hell. Don't come into my house hating on women's lit or chick lit or YA. I will not have it.
  2. I mean, have you read anything more gutting? Let me LIVE, Jane!
    Wow?? Wow!! Jane understands the post-breakup infatuation and romanticization of the ex like no one else? Also if you are newly post-breakup, I find it helps to keep a list of all the things your old boyfriend did that drove you up the wall. Keeps you grounded.
  3. And further,
    I love Lizzie Bennett but you know she would have turned her car lights off and driven past Pemberley in the middle of the night if cars were a thing then. You know she would have. 👀🚕⛪️
  4. This is my motto. This is how I want to live my life.
    Embroider it on a throw pillow!! Sell it on Etsy!!
  5. And also, here is a man appreciating how amazing Jane Austen is.
    Not that we needed his opinion to know that, but I like this opinion so I will choose benevolently to include it.
  6. "He had been in love with Emma and jealous of Frank Churchill from about the same period, one sentiment having probably enlightened him as to the other."
    Friends. She knows. She KNOWS.
  7. Jane. I 💖 you.