@nikkilounoel asked if I would share some of my knitting projects! I taught myself to knit as a freshman in college - I was positive I'd need a stress reliever, so I bought Knitting for Dummies at the same time I bought Chemistry for Dummies. It's been 8 years, and I still have so much to learn! Also tagging fellow knitter @ladyprofessor
  1. Static
  2. Cowl scarves
    The two cowls I knitted when I first got back into knitting- they're like little samplers (if you're familiar with knits and purls, you can see my mistakes). This was what i focused on post-GAD diagnosis and it was so good to have something physical and tangible to do. Knitting is always there for me 💖
  3. Drop Stitch Cowl
    Sent to my sister as a gift. She proceeded to wear it as a grey gardens-esque turban.
  4. Dropstitch Cowl
    Horrible cheap acrylic yarn. I'm a natural fibers only yarn snob so I never wear this
  5. My first hat!
    For my best friend for Christmas 2013 with a contrast pompom.
  6. Purl Soho Simple Hat
    This is an angora yarn held with a fingering weight alpaca and it is SO soft.
  7. Chateau by Melissa Schwaschwary
    This was during my cabling disaster. I had to rip back 12 rows over 9 stitches. Thankfully yarn harlot had a tutorial so I only had to drink some wine and then get to it. The thing about knitting that's so comforting is that 99% of mistakes are fixable.
  8. Brooklyn Tweed Slade Sweater
    This is the cuff of the second sleeve. I've finished the first sleeve but I have major sleeve fatigue.
  9. Purl Soho Felted Christmas Trees
    My cutest holiday decorations
  10. Priscilla's Dream Socks
    I started this 3 years ago and it's still like this because I'm scared to knit the heels.
  11. Tiny hand sewn felted heart for Leila's collar
    Not a knitting project, but just look at that face!
  12. Cinched Earwarmer
    I improvised this pattern and it looks okayish.
  13. Purl Soho Traveling Cables Hat
    I still haven't finished this 😷I tend to have several unfinished projects hanging around at any time.
  14. Il Grande Favorito Sweater
    Before I knitted the sleeves! I was so so thrilled to be able to wear something I'd made.
  15. Static
    Blocking it (blocking means soaking your knit in water/lingerie soap and then rolling it in a towel to wring excess water out and then shaping it to the right measurements.)
  16. Static
  17. Tin Can Knits Barley Hat
    Made this for my friend Mahssa for her first NYC winter
  18. Mason Dixon Knitting Ball Band Dishcloth
    You can see the edges where I was still learning how to attach an applied icord. This was a housewarming gift for a sorority sister.
  19. I have more! But I have a 7 am dentist appointment 🙃 so I'll add more pictures later.