Obviously you shouldn't lie to your therapist or use should statements.
  1. I don't keep a journal. Not really. I don't regularly process things through writing
    (At last count, I have about 15 old journals)
  2. In response to: "Why do you think you need to keep that box of relationship mementos in your parents' basement?"
    Oh, I don't *have* to keep it. It's just there. I mean, I forgot to throw it out after I moved. If you think about it, it's basically already thrown away because I'm 45 miles from it. So.
  3. I'm good, how are you?
    I was not, in fact, good.
  4. No, I don't think my not dating is symptomatic of anything else in my life.
    It was.
  5. In response to: "Have you been answering the phone on the first ring like we talked about for exposure therapy?"
    Yes, totally. I have no voicemails I'm ignoring.
  6. In response to: "Catch me up, what's happened since we last met?"
    Oh you know, I'm good! Really great, things are fine, not much happening, just going to work and coming home. [15 minutes later: actually this thing happened and sucks, I guess we can talk about it gingerly]
  7. In response to: "Is there anything specific you wanted to address today?"
    Mmmm not really just *vague hand wave* some... stuff.
  8. In response to: "this seems to be bringing up emotions for you, why is that?"
    I don't, I'm not ... crying... I mean, I don't get worked up about this outside of your office so I don't know why I'm, um, do you have any tissues?