@lilakate and I are watching and it turns out Lila Kate has it memorized
  1. Why the hell is Nicholas Deveraux never wearing a belt?
  2. "Mia, a princess never chases a chicken."
    Words to live by @lilakate says.
  3. Such voluminous hair Mia has.
  4. Everyone in Genovia has a different accent.
    We have Franglais. We have middle American. We have posh English. We have Italian. Nothing makes sense.
  5. Honestly Raven Symone's cameo and ballroom outfit is some kinda something.
  6. I have diplomatic immunity in 46 countries. Including Puerto Rico.
  7. Fear is not in my vocabulary.
    Yes, but it's in your eyes.
  8. @lilakate has seen this so many times she can sing the opera garden song.
  9. Julie Andrews is the most special woman in the world. I would literally do anything for her.
    She is our national treasure.
  10. For some reason my high school bff and I watched this movie with the Spanish subtitles on and we used to die laughing when the fountain kissing scene happens and Mia screams "I LOATHE YOU"
    "Te odio!"
  11. I can't believe I hated Andrew Jacoby, he is a dear little turtle
  12. Ok listen did we all know that THE SHONDA RHIMES wrote this screenplay?
  13. Mattress surfing in the castle for a bachelorette with toddlers
    Seems legit
  14. And then QUEEN CLARISSE shuts it down
    She's dressed like a Jedi.
  15. I have to go.
    I only had time to hold you suggestively and like, breathe heavily in your direction and then advise you on how to shoot only one arrow while still not WEARING A BELT
  16. Chris Pine was totally told to grow his hair to Disney prince levels.
  17. If Nicholas is a heir to Genovia, like Mia, are they distantly related? Is this a Matthew/Mary Crawley dynamic?