When you talk to a psychiatrist for diagnostic purposes, they want to know what you felt like during. I kept track of all the ways I attempted to explain my brain happenings (@aus10 I'm lobbing this your way hoping the 12 am deadline is PST)
  1. Serial Killer Wall of Photos
    So there's a wall of photos and evidence scraps and you're the Special Crimes Unit Investigator and you've got the red string and everything makes sense except wait you just pinned your thumb to the wall and boy you're really really bleeding now all over that scribbled napkin with song lyrics from Brand New you thought were inspired by Little House on the Prairie.
  2. Conveyer Belt at a Busy Grocery Store
    Your thoughts are the groceries but someone cranked the belt speed up to 11 and if you don't verbalize this thought immediately, it will fly off this conveyor belt and you'll never be able to get at it again, can't you see that you have exactly five seconds— the span of this conveyor belt— to communicate this to *hand wave* whoever has ears nearest you.
  3. The Earth's Cracked Open Like an Egg
    The top of the world's been lifted off and you alone can see the inner workings and my god it makes so much sense if you could just oil that one cog right there things would run much smoother around here.
  4. A Sample Sale with No Try On Rooms
    Shit you just ripped your shirt off to try this blouse on and it's 75% off so obviously you need 12 and have $2500 earmarked just for blouses and wait is that woman eyeing your bag? She is. She wants your blouses where's the nearest exit oh wait put your shirt back on you sweaty mess and later you remember your blouse budget was actually your rent money but bartering is totally a robust system of goods exchanging and maybe your landlord will just take these blouses
  5. A Box Full of Index Cards Someone Just Threw on the Floor
    Each card is a thought and it's the most important revolutionary thought you've ever had and six months later when you open the box again each card will say something like "golfers go in pairs/pears/spares"
  6. You Are the Pole and Your Brain is the Ball Attached to the Pole and the Mania is that Asshole Kid Matthew Who Never Let Anyone Else in 4th Grade Have a Turn at Tetherball Thwack Thwack Thwack