1. My power company didn't transfer power to my new apartment due to a mix-up over the previous tenant's billing dates and mine— I rented this apartment for a month while I was still in my other apartment.
  2. I came back from vacation to no power, a refrigerator of rotten food, and a 90 degree apartment.
  3. Also I mixed up the date to turn my keys back in on my last apartment - I thought it was July 15th, and it was July 7th, so the apartment complex changed the locks and threw the things I still had there away, including my very expensive sewing machine.
    Yes, I'm an idiot and I didn't verify my move out date, bc both of my leases overlapped by a month.
  4. I've had the shittiest week.
    It's been a waking nightmare. Do you ever want to scream and not stop screaming until you turn into a sound wave that goes forever??!??? No?!??? Cool!!!!!
  5. I'm typing this in a bathtub of cold water lit by candlelight because it's hot as the devil in my apartment.