More Rings for My Fings

(Oh god I apologize for that title). Rings are my favorite kind of jewelry. I went to an art fair in my parent's town today and found an artist who refashions old jewelry he buys at estate sales and resets them with stones, adds new shanks, etc. he had so many stunning pieces, but here's what I picked out.
  1. I think this is brown agate. The original ring had an onyx stone with diamonds in the branches. He replaced the stones with the agate and swavorzki crystals
  2. This ring looks like a magic amulet. Like the ring from Chronicles of Narnia's The Magician's Ring. Or like something Howl Pendragon would wear. I love the twining branches that hold the stone in place.
  3. I can't decide if this is a phoenix or a peacock, but it's a stunner. It spans three fingers on my hand. I kept coming back to it- I love the garnet studded tail and the turquoise. When I noticed the acorn, I was lost.
  4. I feel like Stevie Nicks would wear this. With jewelry, I always want pieces I'll never see on anyone else. This ring was from an estate sale lot originally purchased in the 1960s.
  5. Emerald is my birthstone, so I was immediately taken by this ring. The green stones are jade, and the filigree looks so lacy and delicate.
  6. He reset the stones, rebuilt the back and added the shank to this one.
  7. He was fascinating to talk to and showed me some of his other rebuilt pieces. He's been metalworking for 15 years. And, because I bought more than one thing he bundled them into a lower price for me.
    I still have seven more fingers to fill 😉
  8. Here's his store!