For @san who asked, with ❤️
  1. When I read books I copy passages I like into my notebook. From "Live Alone and Like It" by Marjorie Hillis
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  2. "The best rule is to make your invitations worth accepting and not care what the man thinks so long as he comes."
    P.s. This book was published in 1936. Progressive.
  3. The seven essential bottles contain sherry, gin, scotch, rye, French and Italian vermouths for the martinis. Scotch for highballs; rye and bitters for the old fashioneds and rye, bitters and Italian vermouth for the Manhattan.
    Thank you Marjorie for your classic cocktail wisdom.
  4. "It's a good idea to collect odd numbers like yourself, the way Mr. Frick collected paintings."
    Making friends is hard. This helps.
  5. "Most people's minds are like ponds and need a constantly fresh stream of ideas in order not to get stagnant. The simplest way to accomplish this is to exchange your ideas, if any, with friends and acquaintances, cribbing as many as possible from books, plays and newspaper columns and passing them off as your own.
    Anyone who does this well is a brilliant conversationalist. If you do it extra well, you are a wit." 👋🏼 @list
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  7. Moving on to Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, whose work is not fairly represented by these pull quotes.
    She is so good out of context and devastatingly beautiful in context.
  8. "There is never just one transgression. There is a wound in the flesh of all human life that scars when it heals and often enough never seems to heal at all."
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  9. "I know you will be and I hope you are an excellent man, and I will love you absolutely if you are not."
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  10. "It is worth living long enough to outlast whatever sense of grievance you may acquire."
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  11. I save a lot of poetry.
  12. Reasons Why by Kathleen Novak
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    If we are lonely it might be because we let go too soon or hung on too long. Maybe we walked too far or we didn't walk far enough or we should have run or stood still. Either we asked the wrong question or planted the wrong answer and winds soothe when they should be tearing and night teases when it should come strong and we are lonely together apart together away. We are needing to give as much as we are needing to get.
  13. I am a Little Church by ee Cummings
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    I do not worry if longer days grow longest. I am not sorry when silence becomes singing.
  14. Sometimes my own sad poem attempts /anxiety brain.
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  16. Quiet Talks on Prayer by S. D. Gordon.
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    Expectancy: that is holding the face up.
  17. Mary Oliver is a constant.
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  18. Sometimes I use my notebooks to record what I'm listening to or watching or reading.
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    This was in February 2012.
  19. Sometimes addresses for projects I want to do
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  20. Sometimes revelations found.
    I am always after the story.
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  22. Sometimes song lyrics that aren't even from the same songs
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  23. Sometimes copies of letters I wrote to other people that I also need for myself.
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    You gotta live your life, you gotta do your thing. And I'm proud of you for doing it. I'm always in your corner. Love, Anna.
  24. If I am allowed to tell you something, it would be this: keep notebooks.
    I promise someday you will need them.
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  26. Mine show my work of becoming a better, bigger person.
  27. ❤️📔