My Ideal Meet Cute Locations/plots

Inspired by @bware427. HIATUS LIST DONT JUDGE 👀
  1. Dog Park
    I'm on my Saturday morning walk with my coffee thermos in hand. I always walk past the Piedmont Park dog park after I check out the farmers market stalls. You see me pretending the yappy papillon is mine to the bossy lady who guards the puppy play area and you let me borrow your boxer instead. I sail through the entry way with you and your boxer and we make easy conversation while I scope out the french bulldog puppies. We're now married.
  2. Concert
    I'm in the middle of the crowd at the Tabernacle seeing some sad white male singer (I know. These are my concert choices though). I can't see for shit because 5'3. You're standing near me and knock me gently with your elbow. "Do you want to stand in front of me? There's a gap here where you can see the stage." I sure do. I do the nudge-slide-squeeze-shimmy dance and end up standing directly beside you. You look at me and wink. We're gonna be getting drinks at the bar later and I'm paying.
  3. Train Station
    We take the same 9:03 train north for months and I always wonder if you noticed, until one morning when the doors open at my stop and you're standing right there. "Hi again", you say with a smile.
  4. Grocery Store
    We both reach for the last pint of Haagen Daz peanut butter chocolate ice-cream. You let me have it. I say thank you like a lady. I don't give you my number but you're in line behind me at the checkout and write yours on my receipt. We go out for gelato the next week.
  5. Used Bookstore
    You overhear me asking if the bookstore has any Dorothy Parker. You make a joke about literary Dorothy's like Sayers and Parker that is actually funny. You casually mention you're also allergic to cats after I sneeze in "Scottish and English History 1700-1945" and that the number of cats at Atlanta Vintage Books also causes you some concern. We will adopt a small terrier mix and name him Rainer. You don't read Hemingway.