My Style Icons 📁

Inspired by @lgw. I like dressing pretty minimally and own a bazillion striped shirts and button ups. Love thrift store and resale shopping, love olive and navy and khaki and cognac. I'd say I dress like your cute tomboy next door neighbor who grew up and turned into a Francophile. I always forget to wear earrings but rarely forget lipstick.
  1. Keri Russell in life.
    Keri Russell is my ultimate style icon. I would wear anything she puts on her body. I would go shopping with her and hold all her bags and compliment her profusely in the dressing room of Club Monaco. She's so good at casual cute. She talked about how much she loves Filson and their totes and I went out and bought one. It's great. My friend saw her in the Whole Foods in Houston, TX and texted me her outfit! She was in denim on denim with no makeup, a braid and old lady sandals. I love her.
  2. 1
  3. 2
    What a time to be alive. My friend rose to the challenge and gave me this poetic description.
  4. Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop
    I wear sweatshirts all the time. In 2016 I'm going to step up to chopping the arms off my sweatshirts at the elbow and adding a Casio.
  5. Emmylou Harris in this photo.
    All you need is a good sweater and a felt hat.
  6. Kirsten Dunst
    Does anyone know where to get a midnight navy pea coat with brass buttons? Asking for myself because I am my friend.
  7. Kirsten Dunst pt. 2
    Red lips and red nails and a trench coat are all you need.
  8. Dusty Springfield on the "A Girl Called Dusty" album cover.
    Denim on denim and cotton floss hair. As a southern woman, I'm really inspired by the volume she's getting here.
  9. Meryl Streep in Out of Africa
    Edwardian menswear holla back!
  10. Emma Stone in life.
    I have recreated this outfit many times.
  11. Alexa Chung
    This photo inspired me to wear a peach gingham shirt and tie a goldenrod yellow satin ribbon under the collar like a tie. It was a LOOK. I wore that outfit to go work in the archives of the Paper Museum on campus (lol lol my campus job my senior year).
  12. Marianne Faithfull
    My bangs goddess. My hairdresser doesn't even ask me for a picture anymore bc I've showed her this one so many times.
  13. Lauren Hutton
    Carefree and so sexy when she wants to be, cool and slightly masculine when she wants to be, amazing all the time.