My Style Icons Vol. II

  1. Margaret Howell
    Simple, clean, minimal- clothes you can wear every day.
  2. Danielle Haim
    My favorite Haim sister - has an effortless seventies rock goddess look.
  3. Harry Styles
    The most extensive ankle boot collection.
  4. Diane Keaton
    Menswear, pattern mixing, turtlenecks
  5. Leather and GLASSES (I love seeing people wear their glasses)
  6. Elizabeth Suzann
    I'm obsessed with this clothing line, and with the name behind it. She's making the clothes I've always wanted to wear.
  7. Amelia Earheart
    You need to look sharp when you're breaking world records.
  8. Camille Rowe
    I love her sunny California/Gallic style featuring lots of vintage and band tees
  9. Jenny Lewis
    The world's most perfect bangs.
  10. Ann Mashburn employees
    Every woman who works at the Atlanta store is ridiculously chic and so nice. I've got two of their boxpleat skirts- one in black taffeta for formal wear and one in camel canvas for everyday.
  11. Audrey Tatou
    Gamine Queen
  12. Rashida Jones
    Rashida always has the best gold jewelry and glasses.
  13. Tracee Ellis-Ross
    She always looks so cool and picks perfect accessories.