'm going HARD on #draftsmas this last day of 2015. I had to do some research to get the albums/release dates right and they're probably still not completely correct but fight me. 💁
  1. It Was a Very Good Year, "September of My Years" (1965)
    So melancholy in the best way. I aspire to be a city girl who lives up the stair with perfumed hair.
  2. What'll I Do?, "All Alone" (1962)
    A classic for a reason. This version with the sweeping strings and brass accompaniment scoops my heart out like a melon baller.
  3. You Make Me Feel So Young, "Songs for Swingin' Lovers" (1959)
    The happiest. The kind of happy that starts in your toes and spreads throughout your whole body til you feel electric.
  4. Moonlight Becomes You, "Moonlight Sinatra" (1966)
    A 2:48 minute long swoon of a song. Please come collect me from where I've collapsed in a heap on the floor.
  5. The Way You Look Tonight "Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and Roses" (1964)
    My very first favorite Sinatra song. First heard in "First Daughter", the 2004 Katie Holmes movie where she's the first daughter (oh ho!) and falls in love with her secret service agent (Marc Blucas). This movie is basically The Bodyguard rewritten for teen girls and they share a slow dance at a state dinner to this song and everyone's conflicted because of age differences and duty and positions of power and it is pure cheese. So duh, I love it.