My Unfinished Concept Playlists

All I need is a theme or a feeling and I'm off (until I get distracted or lose interest or can't find a song with just the right specific lyrics)
  1. Girls That Glitter Love the Dark
    A group of songs that get at the same emotional space that Girls That Glitter Love the Dark lives in - shiny and brittle.
  2. I Was, Once
    This is an Endeavour Morse is sad about losing Joan Thursday playlist. I tried to make this all 1960s era songs (plus classical/opera) but couldn't get the pining across very well.
  3. Walk-On Songs for Lady Boxers
    This is my personal pump up playlist. For when the gloves are off and you came to fight.
  4. Before My Helpless Sight
    This is a WWI Poets playlist. It's complete and perfect and has probably an audience of 3 interested people. I live in the niche corner.
  5. Why Would He
    A sort of generic unrequited love playlist (I have several of these- variations in the same key.)
  6. Underrated Songs to Cry To
    I used to have a list that detailed why I've cried to each of these songs but I deleted it yonks ago and we're probably all better for it.
  7. Saying Your Names
    Songs with names for titles, inspired by Richard Siken's poem of the same name.