Requested by Bri

Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch and What I Think He's Thinking in Each One

@brimattia you treasure, you know just what I want to talk about. I'm probably going to update this more, there's too many good photos out there.
  1. Right, I think we can all agree that The Speckled Band is one of Conan Doyle's most ingeniously plotted stories, but The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle is arguably more thrilling as far as Holmes' deductions go, and of course, this is all subjective, but in terms of the Sherlockian canon, I feel that Holmes ... [trails on about Sherlock's inner life for 10 more minutes because Benedict, while many things, is not brief.]
  2. I hope she remembers to contour my jawline so it looks chiseled like that YouTube tutorial I showed her last week. Don't let me down, Amy.
  3. Right, show some forearm. Both forearms. People like the forearm? It's not a very ... utilitarian part of the arm, though? Like, it's just there. With some tendons... God, could the stylist have rolled these sleeves up any higher? My bicep is choking.
  4. Do you think craft services remembered I like Yorkshire Gold and not PG Tips? As long as it's not Tetley. God I hate Tetley.
  5. Sorry but I can't think of a caption for this one, @brimattia, my brain's gone offline. Due to hands.
  6. I look like Horatio Hornblower, don't I? ...Shit.
  7. Pink Floyd's best album is "The Wall" and you can fight me if you disagree.
  8. I thought we'd agreed backstage that we weren't doing this clinch thing? But now we're doing this clinch thing? Why are we doing this clinch thing?
  9. No, see, I don't think it's weird that I do my Alan Rickman impersonation at every possible moment. It's gold! I'm good at it! Why shouldn't I?
  10. My publicist thinks there's a correlation between my interviews and mentions of my hands on Twitter so do you mind if I answer this question like this ?