1. Giphy
  2. Water, Ra Ra Riot
    swim team underdogs take state, learn about life
  3. A Sadness Runs Through Him, The Hoosiers
    small town boy realizes he's different
  4. September Song, Agnes Obel
    quiet coming of age story with a female protagonist
  5. My Boy (Twin Fantasy), Car Seat Headrest
    donnie darko rewrite
  6. Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1, The Mountain Goats
    group of friends form a jack-ass stunt pact to deal with their other friend's untimely death
  7. Glittering Clouds (Locusts), Imogen Heap
    heathers rewrite
  8. Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds
    drop dead gorgeous transplanted to a high school cheerleading competition
  9. Exit Music (for a Film), Radiohead
    precocious student filmmaker (spiritual heir to Tracy Flick) makes a documentary short about corruption in the school district and enters it in a local film festival to outrage and furor, turning her into the county pariah.
  10. Then I Kissed Her, The Beach Boys
    A boy band's (One Direction analog) biggest fan wins a meet and greet session with the band and the film evolves into A Hard Day's Night tribute
  11. Troublemaker, Weezer
    The Freaks and Geeks movie we deserve
  12. O.N.E, Yeasayer
    Prom-posal mockumentary with a closing montage of a corsage/cake/punch fight