Even though I don't own a record player!?!???!!
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    Marie Antoinette OST
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    A 19th birthday gift from my first love. He was incredibly good at giving me presents and somehow intuited that I wanted to be the kind of girl that listened to vinyl even though I'd never said anything about it. I am embarrassingly sentimental about this album because receiving it made me feel known.
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    CHVRCHES, The Bones of What You Believe
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    I bought this when I was babysitting my friend's record player and CHVRCHES was the 🔥💩 of the moment.
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    My Morning Jacket, Acoustic Citsuoga Live! At The Startime Pavilion
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    If you ever visit Atlanta, please go to Criminal Records in Little Five Points. I bought this album there.
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    Arctic Monkeys, AM
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    This album is perfect. R U Mine? is a jam of the highest order. Thankfully in this modern age download codes are included with albums so this is on my phone. I listen to it pretty much every morning when I ride the train to work.
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    The National, Boxer
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    Ask me how much I love the National and I'll silently write out the lyrics to Pink Rabbit and hand them to you. The first album by The National that I loved and still my favorite.
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    Tommy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey Plays Cole Porter and Jerome Klein
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    I bought this album on a T👏🏼E👏🏼R👏🏼R👏🏼I👏🏼B👏🏼L👏🏼E Okcupid date. His name was Evan and he was a "record aficionado" (his own bold words). The date was 45 minutes long and 25 of those minutes were spent listening to him talk about storing records properly in plastic sleeves. 😴😴 tip for guys everywhere: it's really nice that you have hobbies but maybe let your date talk occasionally? The album cover for this is framed on my wall.
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    Paul Simon, Live Rhymin' Paul Simon in Concert
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    Also purchased on the Okcupid date from hell!! I started throwing dollar bills at my problem and didn't look back. Thank God I did because this album introduced me to "Mother and Child Reunion", one of my favorite Paul Simon songs.
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    Paul Simon, Still Crazy After All These Years
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    ALSO purchased on the OKcupid date from hell! I dropped 💰💰💰 at Wax-n-Facts, walked out the front door and never saw Evan again. Paul was there for me.