When I was younger (5-7), I had vivid, horrible nightmares.
  1. In a Shark Mouth
    I would be sleeping in a shark's open mouth, with its tongue as my pillow. In the dream I'd always wake up and see its teeth above my head. I think the seed for this fear came from Jonah being eaten by the fish. This was my most frequent nightmare.
  2. Old West Shoot Out
    My parents, brother, sister and I were all dressed in pioneer clothes and tied together. This bad guy with a kerchief over his face said we could escape if one of us shot another. The dream always ended with me holding the gun unable to decide. I don't know WHERE this came from, I certainly wasn't allowed to watch scary movies. It's like I took Little House on the Prairie and made it as dark as possible.
  3. Running Through a Dark Forest Being Chased by Bears
    My legs always gave out and I'd lay there out of breath and panicking.
  4. Dad is a Doppelgänger
    I only had this dream once, but it was terrifying. My dad was replaced by a lookalike, and I was the only one who could tell. He had this slightly sinister air, and I came up with a plan to expose him for a fake, but before I could, he ripped his face off at dinner and turned into the grinch.