Selfies 💄

You know what it is. And a merry #draftsmas to you.
  1. I think I'd just spent 10 minutes on Gigi Hadid's instagram
    Model arm is real.
  2. Sometimes when I get bored working from home, I practice my best "you're adorable and an idiot at the same time" face in photo booth.
    I have to use this one a lot.
  3. Not a selfie, but this photo was taken by the Medieval Times event photographer and it's the flyest I've ever looked.
  4. Looking coy
    *tap tap* is this thing on?
  5. Looking annoyed
    I took this picture to use as my office chat profile picture. "Don't cc me on things that have nothing to do with me"
  6. My alter ego, Heidi Von Strausel
    Loves cardigans, saving empty jam jars and singing Barbra Streisand in the shower.
  7. You gotta commemorate great eyeliner days. I'd prefer a statue in Piedmont Park but a selfie will do.
  8. I pet sat this dog for 8 days this summer. She would spite poop on the carpet while maintaining eye contact with me. Her owner introduced her as "Bailey, kind of neurotic".
    And in that moment, I was like "same".