small joys

you have to take joy where you can find it.
  1. Cut to the Feeling
    *Lady Gaga Voice* Incredible, groundbreaking, artistic, masterful, clear the room so I can dance spangled pop dream.
  2. The Country of Marriage by Wendell Berry
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Morningside Nature Preserve
    Trails 15 minutes from my apartment, with a shallow dog beach. I've been taking Ollie on the weekends, and we have so much fun.
  5. Planning a Pacific Coast Highway road trip with my best friend
  6. Getting the keys to my new 1 bedroom apartment- it's a few blocks from my friend Erin, so I'll have a walking buddy again.
    I've been missing this since my friend Alysse moved to New York City last fall.
  7. Ollie's morning wake-up routine.
    He likes to crawl up the bed and put his paws on my face to stretch, and then he lays his head across my neck.
  8. Here Be Monsters Tinyletter. Fiction in installments that are so good, so visceral. I love each email.