Some Stuff I Love About My Siblings

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    My sister texts me all the time. About everything.
    And she's so good at calling (and is never deterred by my hatred of the phone). She's totally the sibling that will keep us all connected in our old age.
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    We all look super similar, like a litter of puppies with my dad's hair color, so when we get together we are a UNIT.
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    My brother is SUCH a goof, and he is very good at sharing his chill with me.
    One time he texted me his "chill music playlist for chilling to" because he knows sometimes I get a little anxious at night and I was so endeared.
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    A rare FaceTime with my brother
    My brother is 20, so he is firmly in the "bros that wear baseball hats backwards" phase.
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    My sister and I get along famously- we're only 16 months apart and thankfully we're super close.
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    You've never been real-talked until you've been real-talked by a big sister.
    πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’₯her advice is equal parts "get your shit together/woman up" and "I know this is rough, I love you"πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
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    We've got a good dynamic going- 2 older sisters to 1 younger brother. My sister's the usual driven, organized, and responsible oldest sibling. I'm the middle child who's like, figuring it out and fun but sometimes kinda stress-y, and my brother's the classic laid-back, laissez-faire baby of the Fam. It's a balance.
    We can mom him pretty hard bc he's 5 years younger, but he's v much his own person and doesn't mind pushing back.
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    There's nobody I feel more me around than them.
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