Inspired by @aprylhm
  1. Flesh Without Blood, Grimes
    I'm having a Grimes moment right now and this is my favorite song to listen to while driving.
  2. Everything, MUNA
    A sad, beautiful, relatable pop song and they use "eviscerated" in a lyric, so I'm very much there. Please listen to their album- it just came out and is incredible.
  3. Pools to Bathe In, The Japanese House
    Makes me feel like I'm holding my breath at the bottom of the deep end and looking up through the water at the sky
  4. Black Star, Gillian Welch
    Gillian's voice is a thing of wonder- raw, powerful and tremulous at the same time, and this cover is perfect.
  5. Full of Grace, Sarah McLachlan
    Y'all, I love a good emotional ballad.
  6. B.M.F.A, Martha Wainwright
    I will not pretend/ I will not put on a smile/ I will not say I'm all right for you/ When all I wanted was to be good/ To do everything in truth. Martha's fluency in expletives is also something
  7. So Special, MUNA
    Bonus MUNA! Haim/Betty Who/Imogen Heap/Tegan and Sarah/Robyn fusion. I love it.