1. Blown out citronella candles
  2. Sunscreen mixed with sweat at the end of the day
  3. Salt air
  4. Gardenia bushes in the moonlight
  5. Freshly mown lawns
  6. Watermelon with salt
  7. Crushed mint
  8. Sun warmed cotton quilts during a picnic
  9. Sudden thunderstorms
  10. Banked campfires
  11. Fresh peaches from a roadside stand
  12. Chlorine dried hair
  13. Waterlogged used books
  14. Fresh laundry
  15. Sweet corn, cut off the cob
  16. Sand baking on boardwalks
  17. Basil growing in a pot in your kitchen window
  18. Cut grapefruit
  19. Lake water in the bottom of your rental canoe
  20. Burnt sugar
  21. The fresh wheat smell of sea dunes
  22. Movie popcorn in air conditioning