I loved this album at 19. It's so good. My first introduction to Margot and the Nuclear So and So's was Bones. "A Light On A Hill" was the background music for a Booth/Bones scene when Bones get buried in the car and Booth rushes down the hill to dig her out with his hands. I had to know what song that was immediately.
  1. The entire album is fantastic. It's their first, and I think it's their best. This album is one of those that makes you feel happy to be sad.
  2. Skeleton Key
    I miss you less and less every day. It's true the whiskey's helped wash you away. And it's clear to see, you're nothing special. You're a skeleton key.
  3. Light on a Hill
    That's no way to live, all tangled up like balls of string
  4. Jen is Bringin the Drugs
    Love is an inkless pen it's a tavern, it's sin. It's a horrible way to begin.
  5. Talking in Code
    I'm sleeping alone in a house I don't own. Cause if you're touring your mind you'll get lost every time. You'll sing me sad songs to keep me awake in that bedroom where we hid away.
  6. Bookworm
    A home is a highway, your pillow's a rock, I'm in a rusted car bound to get lost.
  7. Dress Me Like a Clown
    Nothing I say can make you mine