By Jeannine Hall Gailey
  1. His hands are full of brambles, and the woman
  2. In that tower a bit more feral than anticipated;
  3. It turns out she has a bone collection
  4. and a habit of turning princes into toads.
  5. With her hair cut short, sometimes her eyes
  6. And cheekbones look so sharp she reminds him
  7. Of some forest creature gone astray in a floating green dress.
  8. He makes dinner for the two of them,
  9. Gently snapping the asparagus in two, cutting
  10. the fascia away from a chicken breast with a sigh.
  11. A back fire, a black spire, a fear ark, a fae bicker:
  12. A creature with a beautiful song and sharp claws.
  13. Nothing the way he'd pictured it.
  14. .
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