The Letter and All the Notes Stuffed in My Secondhand Copy of Huntsman, What Quarry?

  1. I bought this first edition of Edna St. Vincent Millay's Huntsman, What Quarry? at a used bookstore earlier this year.
  2. Title Page
    "My dear: This should have reached you on June 17, your birthday, but I was called out of town to the bedside of an ill friend. x Sometimes - often - I wonder whether you care a damn or just want to be nice and polite. I care a lot - a whole lot, but I just can't force myself on anybody. But Barkis is always willin' and waitin'. Sincerely, D.G."
  3. (Okay what kind of person writes a love note and signs off with sincerely??)
  4. Our D.G. isn't done.
    I, too, write verse, or so they say- but in a book by Miss Millay. June 17, 1939 D.G.
  5. Pressed inside is this poem.
  6. When you flip through, you find this:
  7. Which marks this poem and this page
    And I like to think sometimes that this is the book recipient's response to D.G.
  8. Something was here, but it was lost before the book came to me.
    Or maybe the book's owner loved D.G. after all. The text supports both interpretations.