The National really should be placed on an emotional terrorism watch list. @ohheymary and I frequently torment ourselves by tweeting choice lyrics at each other. Add yours, if you have them! I know @ohheymary can play this game for hours.
  1. How close am I to losing you/How close am I to losing?
    About Today (😭😭😭😭)
  2. I have only two emotions/ Careful fear and dead devotion/ I can't get the balance right.
    Don't Swallow the Cap (😭😭😭)
  3. You said it would be painless/ It wasn't that at all.
    Pink Rabbits (😭😭😭)
  4. You keep a lot of secrets and I keep none/ Wish I could go back and keep some.
    Fireproof (😭😭😭)
  5. All the very best of us/string ourselves up for love.
    Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (😭😭😭)
  6. I was solid gold/I was in the fight/I was coming back from what seemed like a ruin.
    Pink Rabbits (😭😭)
  7. When I walk into a room/ I do not light it up/ Fuck.
    Demons (😭😭)
  8. You're a humming live wire/ Under your killing clothes/get over here I wanna/ Kiss your skinny throat
    Wasp Nest (😭😍)
  9. Just say something perfect/ Something I can steal/Say Look at me Baby we'll be fine/ All we gotta do is be brave and be kind
    Baby, We'll Be Fine (😭😍)
  10. God loves everybody, don't remind me.
    Graceless 😭😭
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  11. You were always weird, but I never had to hold you by the edges like I do now. / Walk away now, and you're gonna start a war.
    Start A War (😭😭😭) It was a toss up between this and, "I'll get money, I'll get funny again."
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  12. You're the tall kingdom I surround/ Think I better follow you around/ You might need me more than you think you will.
    Brainy (😭😭)
  13. I'll be a friend and a fuckup and everything. / But I'll never be anything you ever want me to be.
    Slipped (😭😭😭😭)
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  14. I can't get my head around it/I keep feeling smaller and smaller/ I need my girl
    I Need My Girl (😭😭)
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  15. Everything I love gets lost in drawers / I want to start over, I want to be winning / Way out of sync from the beginning.
    Slow Show
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  16. Sorrow found me when I was young / Sorrow waited, sorrow won.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree