The Raven Boy Characters as Babysitters Club Members

The TRC/BSC mashup you didn't know you needed, presented by @brightlyanna and @nantea.
  1. It started when @brightlyanna sent me this explanation of The Raven Cycle's plot
  2. Then I was like hmmm 🤔 what other club springs to mind immediately?
  3. Gansey as Stacey
    All-American, privileged, sorta sickly, with Stacey's diabetes diagnosis and Gansey surviving his close wasp encounters, spends teen years bouncing between schools before settling down.
  4. Noah as Dawn
    Blonde, mysterious and the group outsider. Like Noah, Dawn was an alternate member (although it would hurt Noah's feelings v much to be identified like that), so she acted as a fill-in/general pinch hitter if the original gang couldn't make a meeting. Also remember when Dawn lived in that spooky haunted house? Case closed!
  5. @brightlyanna is gonna take over from here!
  6. Blue as Claudia
    Killer hair, and I can totally see Blue rocking tuxedo jackets and glitter tie-dye socks. A lot of important talk happens at the Sargent house, same as at Claudia's. Same confused if essentially solid relationship between mothers and daughters concerned.
    Suggested by   @brightlyanna
  7. Ronan as Kristy
    Both opinionated, both athletic. Kristy literally had a softball team called Kristy's Krushers. Also, they call Kristy the "Idea Machine", and Ronan is the Greywaren. So.
    Suggested by   @brightlyanna
  8. Adam as Mary Ann
    Much like Mary Ann, Adam is on top of his s*** (duh, he has to be). Mary Ann is quiet (sound like anyone else we know?) and, also somewhat like Adam, has a strict father and a semi-stressful home life. This is headcanon, but I'm also gonna say that Mary Ann (much like Adam) is cute, but not immediately so to the casual observer.
    Suggested by   @brightlyanna