I turn 27 on the 30th, and have been thinking about the past 10 years.
  1. That I would feel comfortable swearing audibly and not just writing "dammit" in my journal and then scribbling it out
    Sometimes a four letter word is the one that's needed.
  2. That I would be a Democrat and happy to publicly identify as one.
  3. That I would consider political and ethical stances above spiritual stances when deciding who to befriend, and which friendships to invest in.
  4. That I would be single for 7 of these past 10 years.
  5. That I would stay in Atlanta.
  6. That my dad would first begin questioning certain tenets of his faith and then later leave the church I grew up in and my mom would go with him.
  7. That I would be so angry and bitter about my parents' changing beliefs that it would take months of therapy and one hours long highly emotional conversation on Christmas Day with my dad to begin to soften my heart.
    And also learn that the pedestals we put people on don't mean shit and are unfair.
  8. That one day, someone would refer to me, a private Christian school graduate, as worldly.
  9. That my mom would have her first and only psychotic break leading to her Bipolar diagnosis when I was 18, and I would be the one to call 911.
  10. That I would write more personally and privately for myself at 27 than I ever had.
  11. That I would have an anxious and panic-ridden breakdown in January of 2013, 6 months after starting my first job, and have to take a 6 week leave of absence from work and move home to get better.
  12. That I would be diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at 22, and then with Bipolar Disorder at 25.
  13. That I would be able look to female voices for spiritual growth and guidance instead of male voices.
    Thank you Sarah Bessey, Madeline L'Engle, Barbara Brown Taylor, Rachel Held Evans
  14. That I would have friendships that would last through cross country moves.
  15. That I would be the one to break up with the boyfriend I'd just started dating at 17. I hero worshipped him, and would never ever ever have thought to ask for more.
  16. That I wouldn't be married, and I would still be okay.
  17. That people would sometimes think I was funny on the internet.
  18. That I would identify as a feminist and be proud to do so.
  19. That I would graduate from Georgia Tech with a 3.87 GPA and highest honors.
    I thought I was smart at 17, but my class had 16 people in it and I had so much concern about going to a big school full of math geniuses.
  20. Me at 17.
  21. Happy Birthday 17 Year Old Anna. We're just getting started. ❤️